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Airflow dryer

 Stream of hot air dryer, also known as pulse dryer, dryer duct, sawdust dryer, etc., is an important equipment production and processing wood flour.
    Powdered, granular, like sawdust and other raw materials through delivery device is added to the dry

Air drying machine features:

1 dry ingredients: rice husk, sawdust and crushed foam flowers, branches, wood chips and other granular materials (diameter less than 3mm, a length less than 5mm).

2, production efficiency: when the hot air is 180 ℃, relative humidity of 35% sawdust or rice hulls dried to 10% relative humidity.

Hot air temperature is not lower than 180 ℃, can reach 300 ℃.

3, the fuel can be used: wood (chopped firewood), coal, steam or electric heating

Air drying machine operation process:

1, the installation is complete, open the fan, check the direction of rotation of the fan and feeding suction port is normal.

2, check the flange interface, look for leaks.

3, in the separator feed opening tied bag open at both ends.

4, in addition port was added the material to be dried, before drying must screen out chunks of particles, this will help increase the drying speed.

5, added fuel to ignite in the furnace, the fan turned on, when the wind is at the exit of the high temperature to 150 ℃, the start cutting, drying.

6, the timely removal of the bulk material discharging outlet, in order to feed.