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Drying machine, divided into air dryer and drum dryer, where we mainly introduce drum dryer, raw water is generally 45%, can not directly into the granulator to suppress particles, must use the dryer, The main function of the dryer is to reduce the 45% mo
sawdust dryer machine, the raw material moisture is 45-60%,into the roller, the dryer machine dry the raw material ,the ask out the material moisture is 15%,so that i can  into the wood pellet machine,
we supply the new type wood pellet machine line, wood pellets, include the wood chipper machine, wood crusher machine, dryer machine, wood pellet machine, wood pellets
new type wood pellet machine line, include the wood chipper machine, wood crusher machine, dryer machine, wood pellet machine,plaletise line
First look at work, see material.
The appearance of the same two particles machine, the weight difference of several tons.
Good biomass wood chips can not play the foundation can be very stable operation. It is important to look at the use of the effect
Wood flour dryer is the use of three-way drum structure, it is with the tilt of the rotary cylinder dryer and air dryer principle combined into a new development of a unique principle of the dryer. It changed the rotary cylinder dryer bulky and air dryer
Three-cylinder dryer equipment is improved by the single-cylinder dryer, adding the wet before the machine to dry and extend the wet material in the machine drying time, coupled with sealing, moisturizing and reasonable supporting measures, So that the dr
Three-channel dryer is a wood pellet and other biomass particles in the production process of the mainstream equipment, widely used at home and abroad. Three-channel dryer using high-temperature fast drying process, equipped with biomass fuel hot stove, a
Advantage 1: the use of high-precision involute cylindrical helical gear direct drive, transmission efficiency as high as 98% or more.
Advantages two: transmission gear tooth blank forging after hot work, to improve the tooth surface hardness; tooth surf
As we all know, the particle machine is divided into two series - the mold series and the ring mold series. Ring mold series should be more familiar with, because many domestic and foreign feed companies are using ring mold machine granulation. Feed ingre