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Adjustment of mold roll gap
         (1) and the outer surface area of the pressure roller (2), loosen the retreat nut (6), and then remove the mold cover, (2) adjust the direction of the arrow wheel to adjust the gap, the gap becomes smaller, in the opp
Biomass wood pellet machine, if used improperly, will produce the output is lower than the standard expected production of the situation, the use of a long time there will be a decline in production problems. As a professional manufacturer of biomass pell
There are many raw materials for fuel pellets, such as wood, grain, alfalfa, corn husks and straw, grass clippings, garden wastes, forest and agricultural waste. In this article, we will focus on the introduction of particles made of wood, but with other
Roller: Adopt the latest German technology one-piece packaging, whole life cycle, no need adding grease and no need replace the bearing.
2.Bearing for main shaft: using the gearbox oil to do lubricating, lubricated the bearing, and also cooling the main
Drum dryer is widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries. The working process of the equipment is as follows: after the dehydrated wet material is added into the dryer, the material is uniformly distributed in the dry
pellet mill makes abnormal noise due to the following reasons
  1.The raw material feeding speed is not stable, and shall be adjusted.
2.The deflective blades are wearing out which results in uneven feeding. Blades shall be replaced.
3.It is suggeste
Particle machine spindle bearings and roller bearings automatic lubrication technology is due to the granulator spindle bearings and roller bearings work in high temperature, high humidity and high dust harsh environment, the need for good lubrication of
One, strict control of the nature of the feed
Control feeding properties mainly include three aspects:
An excellent material is prohibited to enter, at the same time in the production process to non crushing material into the granulation chamber.
Two i
Just bought sawdust pellet mill machine template need to adjust, so the new machine is needed to add grease materials in (use 5 kg of feed, 1, 5 kg with fine sand, two kilograms of oil, do not need to add water), usually the moisture of raw material shoul
Wood crusher is a new type machine of producing sawdust which could make the wood, argo waste and tree branches into sawdust. It’s necessary to use a wood crusher if your raw material is raw wood (tree branch, tree root and etc.) 9FH SERIES wood crusher c