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Many users in the use of sawdust particles when the machine is often difficult for the molding effect or yield is not up and distress. Let me now introduce some questions about this. The main factor in the formation of sawdust granules is the size and moi
Sawdust pellet machine equipment production process of the activities of the parts should be filled with lubricating oil, regularly in accordance with the lubrication of the provisions of the cycle of fuel, oil and oil, the reserves of large oil, accordin
This machine chip the raw material into small chips, these chips are raw material of chipboard, density beaverboard and wood fiber board, also could be burning material as sort of fuel.
1.We produce a series of wood chipper (wood chipping machine) is a kind of special equipment for producing high quality wood chip. The disc type wood chipper is widely used in papermaking, particleboard, medium fiber and other industrial production prepar
Rotary drum air dryer is designed for dry wood chips, wood flour and other biomass research and development of the design of the drying equipment, but also according to the direction of transformation of raw materials, the same applies to livestock and po
The raw material quality of wood pellet machine has a direct influence on the particle quality. So, what are the requirements of the raw materials of the sawdust particles?
First, the size of raw materials are required
The mechanism of wood pellet parti
wood pellet  machine suddenly brake does not run, this problem occurs for many reasons, the first power is turned off, or the particle machine fuse is broken, which is often encountered problems, the fuse received a high-power use and Too tired will burn
Working principle of sawdust dryerThe sawdust dryer includes a heating furnace, a feeding port, a rotating cylinder, a filter tube, a material conveying pipe, a cooling cylinder and a discharging outlet. The rotating drum is arranged on the driving roller
At present, due to the popularity of wood particles enterprises and the increase in particle production, particle machine mold demand also increased. So some small manufacturers of poor quality wood chips machine mold also flows into the market, some prod
The pellet mill system is the important part of the whole process, and the granulator is the key equipment in the pelleting system. Whether the operation is normal or not, it will directly affect the quality of the final product.