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With wood straws as raw materials, this paper studies the influence of moisture 
content of raw materials, working pressure and size of raw materials for compression work as well as confirms the best working condition of compression work. By studying the
series wood pellet mill the wood dust pelletizer heart part adopts "double-layer die" as the unique structure, and the pellet machine special press the material with low adhesiveness and difficulty to forming. The material can be hard wood, rice husk, sun
I: Wood Shaving Specification details:
1. Material: Spruce (Silver Birch), Maple, Larch, etc.
2. Size: 1-3mm, as per customization.
3. Usage : Animal/pets bedding, Pig/horse Bedding,;
Pure natura, no chemicals, no additives, Eco-Friend
The wod pellet mill is suitable for pressing difficult to bond, forming hard material. Such as: rice husk, shell of sunflower seed, peanut shell, etc. various kinds of melon husk; branches, tree bark, etc. various kinds of wood waste rod; all kinds of cro
One pellet mill category is know as the large scale mill or press. Mills of this type are often used to create livestove feeds or produce wood pellets for use in stoves/ Within this class, ring die and flat die mill are employed to create the desired size
.Upward mould, special structure; vertically feeding, never buff placer, feeding material with wide inlet, and easier heat dissipation. 
2.Die static, roller rotating, material centrifugation, distributed around evenly; because of the die high side, the
Vertical ring die wood sawdust pellet manufacturing press machine , feeding vertically, the raw materials can follow to the pelleting room directly.
-Vertical ring die structure, easy for heating dissipation, which can keep the machine running continuall
1 Raw material plate which is arranged reasonably with chargeable angles in order, throws moisture material into the rotary cyclinder, the water will be separated from the materials by hot airflow and changedinto vaport tobe discharged into the atmosphere
wood chipping machine is the preparation of a variety of high-quality wood and special equipment, used in paper mills, particle board plant, wood fiberboard factory production and export base
1. Brief Introduction:
Double-shaft Shredder, also named biaxial shredder, decreases the size of  raw materials through shearing, tearing and squeezing. This machine is widly used to process waste plastic, waste rubber, wood, crop straw and other waste o