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Sawdust dryer uses German technology, three-channel technology, high yield, low energy consumption, small footprint, using the cyclone furnace stove, three minutes the temperature can reach 500 °,
Raw sawdust dryer requires no larger than the diameter of 12mm, water can not be greater than 50%, after the wood moisture after drying in 15% yield 3-6 tons per hour, drying and granulation section recommendations and Powder Section dealt with separately
these about 10 yeas,have the a new vertical ring die pellet mill machine,and the mold use for the long time about the 1000hours.and the capacity is more than horizontal pellet mill machine,the 1.5-5tons per hour,and the yield stablity.will not the capacit
Vertical feed, the raw material is not easy to accumulate, mold flat installation, the centrifugal force of a uniform material distribution, two molds can be used, reducing production costs, long production yield stability, automatic lubrication system en
1.Wood pellet mill is our main product which has adopted the essence of pellet mill in oversea

2.Wood pellet mill has filled the country blank in vertical feeding for ring die pellet mill and
reached theinternational advanced level.

Rotary drum dryer can dry many different raw materials that contain large moisture such as sawdust, coal, sand, slag, clay, chicken manure and other wet raw materials. They are widely used in biomass fuel plant, forage plant, chemical plant, food processi
Features and advantages of wood hammer mill
1,strong hammer blades made of 65 mn materials ,with about 7 months life span.
2.safe to operate ,low noise,stable working,
3,low malfunction tate,easy to operate and low maintenance cost.
4,could process ra