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dryer machine

The heat of the drum dryer is from the combustion device, using the downstream heating method. So the need to dry the material, from the feed box, feed slip into the cylinder, that is, by the screw plate to push back. As the dryer tilted place, the material on the one hand in the gravity and rotation under the action of the back to the back, on the other hand the material is copied repeatedly copied, brought to the top and then continue to spread down, so that the material in the tube to form a uniform screen Curtain, full of hot air with the tube for heat exchange, as the material repeatedly Yang Sa, the moisture contained in the drying, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.
Method of operation
Open the door, the dehydration of the dehydration of the material evenly rotating in the drum, and then lock the door closed.
According to the type of material, select the appropriate time, adjust the timing device to the required time.
Press the start button to start the fan, according to user needs, drum rotation direction can choose one-way rotation and two-way rotation. As long as the computer board switch to one-way or two-way, the machine will be required to perform one-way operation or two-way operation. (Forward 25 seconds, stop 5 seconds,  )
Often from the observation window to see the flip of the internal fabric, such as the accident should be promptly cut off the power, check the fault.
When the machine is running for the specified time, the machine will automatically stop running. At this time, the operator must be asked to open the door to check the drying of the internal fabric. If the effect is not reached, the time may be prolonged.
main feature
With automatic control device, simply adjust the time through the control panel, you can automatically complete the entire drying process.
The drum is made of high quality stainless steel, the cylinder is beautiful and durable.
Processing capacity, fuel consumption, low drying costs.
Using triangular tape drive, smooth operation, low noise, safe and reliable.