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dryer machine

Wood flour dryer is the use of three-way drum structure, it is with the tilt of the rotary cylinder dryer and air dryer principle combined into a new development of a unique principle of the dryer. It changed the rotary cylinder dryer bulky and air dryer large volume of shortcomings, with small size, high thermal efficiency, light weight, wide applicability, temperature control flexibility and so on. At present, most of the wood chip dryer using air drying or single-drum dryer dryer with air dryer. The main shortcomings are: 1, low yield; 2, unstable operation, the final water is difficult to control; for wood drying characteristics, the use of advanced German machinery manufacturing technology, specially designed and manufactured energy-saving multi-layer sleeve special sawing powder drying Machine, a unique design of the plate, with a large output, stable operation, moisture can be controlled, small footprint, energy saving and so on.