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How did the wood chips not form?

Sawdust granules in the suppression of wood chips when the time, there will be no molding of the situation, the pressure of the particles are loose, and even pressure into particles.
Sawdust particles can not be seen from two aspects of the reasons, one is the raw material, but the particles to suppress the equipment. The specific reasons are as follows:
First, the moisture content of raw materials. Do the granulation of wood chips, raw materials, water content is a very important indicator. The general requirements of water content below 20%, of course, this value is not absolute, different requirements of different raw materials. Do as the pine wood, fir, eucalyptus such as wood chips granulation of our granulator requirements of water in 13% to 17% specific requirements you can contact our professionals to carry out targeted solutions. Another aspect is the principle itself, and sawdust, straw, scraps of paper and other different raw materials of different nature, different fiber structure, forming the degree of difficulty is different. More difficult materials such as palm.
Another is that if the mixture is mixed, the mixing ratio of the various components will also affect the molding rate.
The factors of the sawdust machine. The compression ratio is a parameter of the particle machine mold, which refers to the length of the die hole divided by the aperture. The greater the compression ratio, the thicker the template, the longer the material compression time, the higher the particle formation rate. Mold thickness of less than a certain standard, then the wood particles are more difficult to form, of course, is not limited to wood chips. Another factor in the machine is the gap between the pressure wheel and the mold, this is easy to understand, the gap is too large, certainly not pressure particles. Adjust the particle machine gap is a technical live, you can consult our technical staff. The last is the big aspect, the overall design of the chips, or the type of species. Sawdust such as centrifugal efficient granulation is the best quality choice, the pressure is large, fast speed, ring mold particle machine in comparison to appear in all aspects of a lot of weak. Make feed ring mold is a good choice.

Sawdust granule machine does not form a particle, some factors are factory control, some customers can control their own. Want to think tank machine design process, product quality, these choice manufacturers, good manufacturers is it. As a user, raw materials in this area is their own control, the water is not appropriate, you can do a pre-drying, material ratio, the material is not suitable for pressure particles, suitable for what kind of particle machine is good, this we will You work together to solve, with your raw materials, many experiments, find the right machine.