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How to solve the problem of low wood pellet press machine production

How to solve the problem of low wood pellet press machine production
       Particle machine is my company's main products, we stand in the customer's point of view, put themselves in for the customer to consider, combined with their own professional knowledge for customers to design a more reasonable process to produce better products. Have customers consult with what factors we will affect the grain machine production, how to solve?
       First, the impact of particle production capacity of the seven external factors: 1, grease 2, crude fiber 3, material moisture 4, protein 5, starch 6, heat sensitive 7, minerals; particle machine if used improperly, will produce low In the case of standard expected production, the use of a long time there will be a decline in production problems.
       As a professional particle machine manufacturers, we have the following recommendations: 1, adjust the moisture content of raw materials. The moisture content of raw materials such as wood sawdust required for pressing biomass particles is around 13%. Too high or low will make the output decline. 2, adjust the parameters of the particle machine. Such as the gap between the press roller and the mold. Different materials require different gaps. Low yield, may not be suitable for the gap fit. Let the manufacturers adjust well. 3, the new mold to be grinding. Limited to the level of domestic machinery manufacturing, the new mold within the mold of the smoothness is not reached a certain level. Grinding method is also very simple, with oil, sand, sawdust mixture to suppress several times just fine. Detailed process can ask manufacturers, or contact our customer service. 4, do a good job of machine maintenance, timely replacement of mold. A long time the mold with the pressure roller will produce wear, which is inevitable. If this is the cause of the decline in production, then replace the new mold just fine