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1, biomass fuel heat, heat in the 3900 ~ 4800 kcal / kg or so, after the heat of carbonization up to 7000-8000 kcal / kg.
2, the high purity of biomass fuels, excluding other heat does not produce debris, its carbon content of 75-85%, ash 3-6%, water con
wood pellet  machine mainframe drive with high precision gear transmission, ring mold with quick release hoop type, the whole part of the transmission part of Switzerland, high-quality bearings, to ensure efficient transmission, stable, low noise, ri
No dust wood pellet machine line,inlcude the wood chipper machine,wood crusher machine,sawdust dryer machine,wood pellet        machine,
wood pellet press  machine is my company's main products, we stand in the customer's point of view, put themselves in for the customer to consider, combined with their own professional knowledge for customers to design a more reasonable process to produce
Pipeline hot air dryer
Hot air pulse dryer is also called pipeline dryer. Hot air flow dryer is an important equipment for the production mechanism of charcoal. Its work is characterized by the granular wet material into the hot air flow, with the parall
Drum type wood chipping machine/wood chips making machine
Product Description
1. wood chipping machine is the preparation of a variety of high-quality wood and special equipment, used in paper mills, particle board plant, wood fiberboard factory product
Model Double Rotor  Wood Hammer Mill can crush al kinds of biomass waste into fine powder , such as wood chips , wood savings , straw . stalk etc , it also can crush  animal feed materials , such as corn, weeds, soybean, maize and cereal and so on .
rotary sawdust dryer is mainly to dry biomass or Fertilizer or animal feed powder materials , it has changeable speed rotary drum , which can dry high humidity materials, such as to dry biomass from sawdust, straw, stalk, animal feed materials from maize,
As the cost and price instability of  fuels keep growing, and as the environmental problems get worse and worse, the conversion from traditional fuel to green one is urgent. As one of the green fuel, biomass fuel gets huge market. The pellet production ca
Wooden sawdust dryer is your best choice to dry biomass materials of high moisture content and produce high quality biomass fuel. Biomoass materials go through dryer can improve biomass fuel efficiency of 5-15% and lower down emission. It can be used for