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pellet mill machine

Wood pellet machine (wood chips granulator). Is the crushed trees, wood, bark, wood shavings, furniture factory scrap and other raw materials through the mechanical physical extrusion method, pressed into a diameter of 8-12 mm rod-shaped particles of the machine. The extruded particles can replace coal for fuel use. Sulfide, nitrogen oxide emissions are low, are environmentally friendly products. The state strongly support.
Sawdust Granule Machine is a centrifugal and efficient wood pellet machine. It is a granule machine designed for coarse fiber raw materials such as sawdust. The following advantages are as follows:
Relative to the traditional biomass pellet machine has the following advantages:
Good stability, the most important performance of the particle machine is not a large output, but the stability of the operation
Bag dust, long-term operation, efficient production, energy saving
Double-layer mold, a machine dual-use, a set of molds can produce two different specifications of the particles, effectively reduce costs.
Vertical ring mold, vertical feed, effective to prevent the occurrence of material congestion.
Mold static, pressure wheel rotation, making the material evenly distributed, improve production efficiency.
Automatic lubrication device, pressure roller automatic lubrication, with the gear box circulation lubrication, to ensure smooth operation of the machine for a long time.
Professional after-sales service team, home installation, telephone guide installation.