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pellet mill machine

As we all know, the particle machine is divided into two series - the mold series and the ring mold series. Ring mold series should be more familiar with, because many domestic and foreign feed companies are using ring mold machine granulation. Feed ingredients are raw materials are refined, such as corn, soybean meal, cottonseed meal, etc., high adhesion rate, and another granulated with a steam conditioning device, can advance the material to soften, ripening the role, and thus better Granulation, and increased the gloss of the particles. But like straw, wood chips and other crude fiber, the adhesion rate is low,
Difficult to shape, and if the fuel particles as the need for a large density, so the need for a lot of pressure to achieve the density of particles, which adds to the difficulty of the invisible. In recent years, renewable energy has gradually emerged, the market to promote the fuel particles to do the ring mold granulator are made by the feed ring machine evolved, so there are still many shortcomings to improve.