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sawdust dryer machine

1.  rotary sawdust dryer is mainly to dry biomass or Fertilizer or animal feed powder materials , it has changeable speed rotary drum , which can dry high humidity materials, such as to dry biomass from sawdust, straw, stalk, animal feed materials from maize, soybean,cereal fertilizer materials from poultry manure , home or factory waste ect .
2.  rotary sawdust dryer drum RPM can be controlled according to raw materials humidity.
If humidity is large, then can control feeding speed lower and drum RPM lower to make longer drying time.
3.  rotary sawdust dryer has temperature adjusting equipment between stove and dryer,
which can adjust the hot air temperature  according to raw materials humidity
and outlet stove hot temperature firstly and then  feed to dryer drum
4.  rotary sawdust dryer has two ways to discharge materials,
one is to outlet from rotary drum bottom, it is mainly fit for large weight ratio materials , the other is to outlet materials from cyclone bottom , which mainly fits for light ratio materials .