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sawdust dryer machine

Three-channel dryer is a wood pellet and other biomass particles in the production process of the mainstream equipment, widely used at home and abroad. Three-channel dryer using high-temperature fast drying process, equipped with biomass fuel hot stove, a high degree of automation, dry product quality, dry system set fire safety devices, hot air waste heat utilization and other devices, large output, low cost, safe and reliable production.
Drying machine consists of three concentric cylinders, the material and hot air in the dryer cylinder downstream parallel, the process is: inner tube ---- tube ---- outer tube. Each layer are equipped with a special shape of the material board, the material was speculation within the plate to a certain height in the Earth's attraction and hot air gravity along the spiral duct operating under the material in the three-cylinder full heat exchange.
Three-channel dryer in the shavings drying, wood chips, river sand, non-metallic mineral powder drying and other wood-based panel applications are also very wide.