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wood crusher machine

Wood crusher is the use of high-tech advanced technology at home and abroad the latest development of a new ultra-fine wood milling equipment, the machine combines a variety of traditional wood crusher at home and abroad to crush the principle of innovation, from the traditional principle of a crushing Of the wood crusher and a variety of domestic and international smashing principle successfully developed into three sets of crushing principle as one of the highly efficient energy-saving wood shredders, the machine with a fineness analyzer, is committed to the professional focus on lightweight materials, fiber materials , Brittle materials, tough materials and other special difficult to smash the new type of milling equipment. The machine feed port adopts self-priming feed, Yongbao safe production, replacing the traditional pulverizer direct feed, accidentally put into metal block and even seriously damaged wood powder machine shortcomings. The machine for fine, high processing technology, the use of double-body, the body into the tap water to play a role in water, into a new type of material, play a noise, cooling function. So the machine in the production of noise in the use of small, no vibration.