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wood pellet machine

Advantage 1: the use of high-precision involute cylindrical helical gear direct drive, transmission efficiency as high as 98% or more.
Advantages two: transmission gear tooth blank forging after hot work, to improve the tooth surface hardness; tooth surface carburizing treatment, carburizing layer depth of 2.4mm to enhance the wear resistance, extending the service life of parts; hard teeth The surface is silent and refined to repair the process, making the operation quieter and smoother.
Advantages of three: spindle and hollow shaft with German imports of structural steel by hydraulic forging, roughing,
Heat treatment, fine grinding and fine grinding processing, reasonable structure, hardness evenly improve the components of fatigue and wear resistance, for safe operation to provide more reliable protection.
Advantages of four: the mainframe box made of high quality steel casting, uniform thickness, compact structure; and then by the Swiss imports of CNC machining centers carefully processing, zero precision machining accuracy. For the normal operation to provide more support.
Advantages of five: the transmission part of the bearings and seals are used in Japan imported high-precision bearings and the United States imported wear-resistant fluorine rubber seal, and in particular the addition of lubricating oil return system, oil circulation cooling, automatic time to oil lubrication. To ensure that the bearing is fully lubricated, running more secure and reliable.
Advantages of six: particle forming system bearings are used high-quality silent bearings, and increase the oil circulation cooling lubrication system, bearing longer life, more secure operation.
Advantages of seven: ring mold with high-grade stainless high-nickel steel Seiko manufacturing, unique compression ratio design is reasonable, so that better product quality, ring mold longer life, to minimize the production costs.
Advantages of eight: a new generation of biomass Yao sawdust granulator is well-known by the United States senior designer R & D design, specifically for wood chips granulation. The company has its own production base, the ring mold 450 # biomass granulator is in the factory experience hundreds of experimental demonstration, the final to determine the most stable, most reliable, most efficient, safest, most economical models, equipment can be achieved Twenty four hours of continuous operation.