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wood pellets

1, biomass fuel heat, heat in the 3900 ~ 4800 kcal / kg or so, after the heat of carbonization up to 7000-8000 kcal / kg.
2, the high purity of biomass fuels, excluding other heat does not produce debris, its carbon content of 75-85%, ash 3-6%, water content of 1-3%
3, absolutely does not contain coal gangue, stone and other non-heat but heat impurities, will directly reduce the cost for the enterprise.
4, biomass fuels do not contain sulfur, do not corrode the boiler, can extend the life of the boiler, the enterprise will benefit.
5, because the biomass fuel does not contain sulfur phosphorus, combustion does not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide, which will not lead to acid rain, do not pollute the atmosphere, do not pollute the environment.
6, biomass fuel clean, easy feeding, reduce the labor intensity of workers, greatly improving the labor environment, enterprises will reduce the cost of labor for the industry.
7, biomass fuel burned very little ash ballast, greatly reducing the stacking ballast site, reduce the cost of ballast.
8, biomass fuel burning after the ashes are high quality organic potash fertilizer, recyclable profitability.
9, biomass fuel is the natural energy of our renewable energy, it is in response to the central call to create a conservation-oriented society, industry nurturing agriculture