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Large crusher

1. Characteristics of Drum wood chipper:
  1). Advanced structure and reliable technology
  2). High throughput capacity and high quality chips
  3). Low-maintenance and environment-friendly
  4). Cost-efficient and space-saving


The machine can processing raw material widely, such as all kinds of timber wood, slab, batten, log core, building templates, etc., and all kinds of non-wood raw materials such as various types of bulk straw, cotton wood, reed, wide application scope. The machine adopts chain plate intelligent material, according to the main motor conform to automatically adjust the feeding speed. The machine running at full capacity to avoid no-load running, it is feeding smooth, a substantial increase in productivity, is an ideal choice for biomass power plant equipment.

The main parameters:

Knife roller diameter (mm) : 1100

Knife roller speed (RPM) : 926/500

Throwing daggers/tiger PAWS quantity (piece) : 24/6

The main motor power (kw) : 250

Production capacity (tons/hour) : 30

Inlet (mm) : 1400 x 800

The weight (tons) : 24.6